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I started work as a Carpenter in June 1976 with the local authority when I left school. Those were the days when local Councils would employ a lot of school leavers to train for apprenticeships. I did a three year apprenticeship, followed by two years of advanced craft, while working with some of the top carpenters at the time. My wish was to become as good as them one day, which I achieved a long time ago.

In 1982, I left the Council and took the plunge to go self employed and that's what I have been doing ever since. This allowed me to branch out and do a lot of other types of work with different contracting companies. Over the years, I worked on all types of carpentry before getting involved in office refurbishment, fitting office partitioning and suspended ceilings. By the end of the 1990's I got involved with kitchen fitting and decided to specialise in this. I worked for MFI for ten years where I learned other skills such as plumbing and tiling.

Around 2010, an opportunity came up for bathroom fitting, so I accepted this. The bathroom fitting was a good learning experience for me and brought all my skills together of carpentry, plumbing, tiling, plastering and decorating.

While working for the local authority in Leicester - fitting bathrooms and kitchens, I was consistently awarded top marks by the Clerk of Works for my quality of work.

I joined Trustatrader in November 2011, where I gained an excellent reputation for quality of work, reliability, honesty and good communication skills with the customer. Naturally, this organisation is all about trust and a lot of customers would give me a key to their house while they went to work and left me to get on with the job.

In terms of skill and experience, I am at the top of my game now, but my body doesn't want the intense work of fitting bathrooms and kitchens anymore, so I'm looking to do smaller, handyman and maintenance work now, where I can do this more on a part time basis.

The length of time spent in this trade has given me a wealth of knowledge and practical skills for dealing with different projects and if you ask anyone that knows me, they will tell you that I am a totally honest, reliable and trustworthy tradesman.

I have pride in my reputation for having both an excellent eye for detail and providing the best finish possible. I will always endeavour to do my best work, giving each job the attention to detail it deserves, while never cutting corners. To me, giving great customer service and providing total job satisfaction are my primary aims. Communicating with the customer and advising any recommendations, so that you get the best job possible, are also very important.

My carpentry background is an excellent foundation for the work I do now because I am good at fixing, fitting, levelling and giving attention to detail. These were essential requirements when I was doing a kitchen or bathroom job. In my own words: "I am from the old school of tradesmen", so I take pride in my work and like to do a thorough job for my customers without cutting corners.

My jobs always took a bit of extra time, but they were worth it. You can't have both a quick job and a thorough one - they don't go together. I will give you my best work based on my skills and experience in the shortest time that I can do it in. Please bear in mind that I am no spring chicken anymore and I never work till late in the evenings, nor at weekends. I can only do what I can do in a normal working day at the pace that my body will allow.

You can view some of my work in the Gallery which has been done by me over the years.


Handyman Leicester

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